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Adaman's Guitar Page!!!
Hey everybody! This is my Guitar Page! I will soon be making a page for my band "Fat Wilma." I will have pics, info, mp3's of our songs, and other misc. stuff on it about us. Thats about it!

My Guitar Equipment

This is my Electric Guitar. It's a Fender Standard Stratocaster. Although this isn't a Standard, this is what it looks like.
This is my Acoustic guitar. It's a Fender DG-20S.

This is my main amp. It's a Crate TV-120 (Turbo Valve).
This amp rocks. It delevers 120 watts of 6L6/5881 tube power to 2x12" speakers. It's amazing!!!
This is my small, carry around, travel type amp. It's a Crate GX-15. It has a 8" speaker and puts out 12+ watts.

This is my Effects Processor. It's a Korg AX1G. It's Increadible!!! It has 69 different effects on it, 7 can be used at once, 30 user programs, and a built-in expression pedal. What more could you want in a compact effects processor?
I only use Ernie Ball Strings. I normally get Hybrid Slinky's or Regular Slinky's.
I use Sovtek 6L6WXT+ power tubes in my amp. I also use 12AX7 and 12AU7 preamp Groove Tubes in my amp.

My band's name is currently "Fat Wilma." (We change our name every month or so cause we're not very good!). The other guys in the band besides me are Brian Taylor and Brian Turk.

This is our Multitracker. (Well, actually it's Brian Turk's.). It's a Fostex X-14.
This is Brian Turk's Zoom 234 RhythmTrak Drum Machine and his Zoom 505 which is nothing compared to my Korg AX1G, but the Drum Machine does kick some serious ass! Turk also has a Crate GX-15, exactly like my small one. Turk's guitar is a Ibanez Strat-look-alike guitar, but I couldn't find a pic of it.

Here is Brian Taylor's Guitar stuff. He has a Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Fender Princeton Chorus Amp which is 50 watts and 2x10" speakers, it's a solid state amp. He also has a old DOD Distortion Pedal, but I couldn't get a picture of it.