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The Force's

"NOT" High Quotes

Pre-Thanksgiving Break 2001

"That’s depressing, I need to pee" – Bart

"'We can never get your attention' - Me and Matt  'Yeah, that’s because of the smoking'" – Bart

"You're runnin' on weed" – Me

"I'm surrounded by Pooh" – Me

"Those crazy Orange Clouds" – Me and Jake

"Popcorn Shrimp" – Me, Bart, Cynthia, & Clay

"I can't reach that shit, cause I've been smokin' all day" – Bart

"I think my throat is rotting" – Me

"My Legs, I can't feel them" – Jake or Bart (We really don't remember, cause we were too fucked up)

"I'm writing dyslexic" – Me

"Stop making quotes" – Me

"You genocized that shit" – Jake

"I can't smoke, I got shit to do" – Bart

"I haven’t seen the sun today, can't you die of that?" – Me

"Claydolf Hitler" – Jake


November 24, 2001

"Pentastictantiumality" – Justin

"'Why they so scared?' - Randy  'Because they got pussies'" – Justin

"Ain't no thang unless u got that swang" – Justin


December 1, 2001

“That bowl is plenTAHful” – Adam

“Why is the weed running from me?” – Cynthia

“I walked in, I got high” – Brandon

“I don’t wana write anything down right now” – Adam

“This night is like an epic, it’s so long” – Jake

“’The Drunks’…’The Stoners’” – Adam

“I write high quotes, that’s just what I do” - Adam

“The people who discovered the constellations weren’t smart, they were just really fucked up” – Conversation between Adam, Jake, and Bart

December 2, 2001

"Weed is such a girlfriend" - Adam

December 3, 2001

"We're smoking drugs" - Bart