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   D    A    M    '    S          P    A    G    E    !    !    !
Thanks for coming here! If you are extremely bored and have nothing else to do with your sick, pathetic lives, scroll down a tad bit to the end of the surfing and snowboarding stuff and you can read up on your's truly. By the way, that's my bad ass '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with Eagle Alloy 118 polished rims, Hella 530 Series fog lights, .5" lift by spring spacers (nothing too big), PaceSetter exhaust tip w/Resonator, clear corner lenses (weren't on when this pic was taken!), APC blue parking lights, APC 9004 Super White bulbs, Pioneer DEH-P8200R CD deck, 2 Polk Audio/MOMO 12" subwoofers, Polk AUdio/MOMO 6.5" components, Polk Audio dX6 6.5" 2-ways, MTX Thunder 1000D amp, a MTX Thunder 304 amp, all Monster Cable hookups (including a 1 farad IntelliCap capacitor, .5 farad Monster Cap, 1/0 power cable, and lots of other Monster Cable goodies!), a Viper 550ESP Remote Start alarm system (Yes, that DOES mean I can start my car from a LONG ways away!), a dancing Hula girl, a pair of blue cheetha rear view mirror dice, and a mini, little blue disco ball in the back. Some things I plan on buying it in the near future are a Grille Guard, some really, REALLY, extremely dark window tint, Hella 500 Series round driving lights, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A tires, and a 4.5" ProComp lift.