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December 28, 1998
Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby "The Brain" Hennan
Live from Baltimore, Maryland

Pre-recorded footage was shown of Eric Bischoff, Scott Steiner, Curt Hennig, and Buff Bagwell celebrating Bischoff's Starrcade victory over Ric Flair.

Ernest Miller defeated Shima Nobunaga with a Roundhouse Kick. - Ernest Miller bragged about being the greatest and insulted the crowd. Chris Jericho, Ralphus, and Shima Nobunaga made their ways out. Jericho said that he and Ralphus would watch Nobunaga's back in his match with Miller. Miller easily won the match with a Roundhouse Kick.

Norman Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. by making him submit to the Chicken Wing. - Both Norman Smiley and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. show-boated a lot. Smiley took the win with the Chicken Wing.

Pre-recorded footage was shown of Raven (Scotty), his mom, and Kanyon arriving at a huge home. Kanyon was amazed by the size of the house. Raven's mom was going to make Raven and Kanyon a ham sandwich and some milk. Raven wanted an alcoholic beverage, but his mom and Kanyon said "no." Raven and Kanyon sat down to watch television, but it wouldn't turn on.

Booker T.defeated Fit Finlay with the Missle Dropkick.

Ric Flair Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund) - Ric Flair came out with a bandage on his forehead and his luggage. He apparently had just arrived in the Baltimore Arena. Flair admitted he got his ass kicked at Starrcade, and he was ashamed of himself. Flair said he was told by many close people that "it was over and to come home," but he went to Baltimore instead. Flair started pulling out his expensive clothes, money, watches, shoes, and more, saying that they all weren't his. He started tearing up $100 bills, threw his shoes in the crowd, until he was left only with his boxers on. He challenged Eric Bischoff to a match for later in the show, where if he won, he would take over WCW for 90 days, but if he lost, he would have to retire. He handcuffed himself to the ring, and said he wasn't leaving. He said if Bischoff turned the camera off, he would be naked when it came back on. WCW did go to a commercial break, but once returning, Bischoff made his way down - limping. Bischoff provoked Flair, but Flair couldn't go near Bischoff because he was still handcuffed. Bischoff said he enjoyed torturing Flair, and even stole his money that was laying on the floor. Bischoff told Flair to calm down, or he would die of a heart attack. Flair responded by saying, "The day I die of a heart attack will be the day I'm on top of your girlfriend." Bischoff accepted the challenge, and the match was set for later in the show. Flair swore a lot and was bleeped out a lot.

Barry Windham defeated Prince Iaukea with a Bulldog. - Barry Windham dominated Prince Iaukea and easily won with a Bulldog.

Tom Hatchison Interivew - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund) - Tom Hatchison was a WCW security official. He had the stungun Scott Hall used at Starrcade on Goldberg (security cophiscated it). He explained what exactly a stungun was and what it could do to a human body.

Diamond Dallas Page Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund) - Diamond Dallas Page discussed his victory over The Giant at Starrcade. He admitted The Giant was one of the strongest men in professional wrestling, but he knew he would be able to execute the Diamond Cutter. DDP said that Ric Flair would destroy Eric Bischoff later in the show. He was also upset that Scott Hall used the stungun on Goldberg at Starrcade.

Backstage, The Wolfpac got upset at Disco Inferno for interfering in the Heavyweight Title match at Starrcade. Kevin Nash told Disco would wrestle a match later in the show to gain his Wolfpac stripes. It was unknown whom Disco's opponent would be.

Eddie Guerrero and Juventud Guerrera (w/LWO Bodyguard) defeated Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with Guerrero's Frog Splash. - Eddie Guerrero was very upset at Juventud Guerrera throughout the match. Juvi kept messing up. Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr., however, worked very well as a tag team. After Juvi nailed Mysterio on the outside of the ring with a flying maneuver, Guerrero finished off Kidman with the Frog Splash.

Kevin Nash Interview, with Lex Luger and Konnan. - Kevin Nash said he wasn't happy with his Heavyweight Title victory over Goldberg at Starrcade. He said his match was not about money or power. Nash announced Disco Inferno would take on Bam Bam Bigelow, and if Disco won, he would become a Wolfpac member. He said he was still friends with his buddy Scott Hall. He also mentioned he still had respect for Goldberg. He demanded that the WCW Executive Committee give him a Heavyweight Title rematch with Goldberg the following Monday on Nitro, live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Disco Inferno with Greetings from Asbury Park. - Disco Inferno, at one point, hit the Chartbuster, but Bam Bam Bigelow easily kicked out of the pin. Bigelow later hit Greetings from Asbury Park, to take the win. Disco would not become a Wolfpac member.

Backstage, Curt Hennig and Eric Bischoff were warming up for the match with Ric Flair.

Dr. Charles Brock - Ric Flair's physician - determined that Ric Flair did not have a heart attack a few weeks ago, but was food-poisoned with a toxin called digitalis. The source of the intoxication was still under investigation.

Backstage, Gene Okerlund walked into Eric Bischoff and Curt Hennig's locker room. Bischoff was really upset, saying the doctor was wrong. Bischoff said he didn't do anything wrong.

Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) defeated Konnan by making him submit to the Steiner Recliner, to become the new Television Champion. - Before the match, Konnan nailed the NWO Referee with a Face Buster. Scott Dickinson surprisingly agreed to referee the match. Buff Bagwell interfered several times in the match, until Lex Luger came down to take care of him. Steiner put Konnan in the Steiner Recliner, to become the new Television Champion. Bagwell and the NWO Referee (who was wearing a bandage across his nose) came back down celebrate the victory.

Scott Hall defeated Brian Adams (w/Vincent) with the Outsider Edge. - Before the match, Scott Hall said that Kevin Nash was right about three things - money, money, and money. Hall sads that Nash was also the guy that he didn't use to be, and was upset that Nash didn't invite him to the victory party the night before after Starrcade. Hall finished off the match with the Outsider Edge from the top rope.

Ric Flair defeated Eric Bischoff by making him submit to the Figure-Four Leglock, to take over WCW for 90 days. - After Ric Flair made his way out, Eric Bischoff went to the other side of the backstage area to get into his limosine. When going inside the limosine, The Four Horsemen popped out and carried Bischoff to the ring. Flair was all over Eric Bischoff. He later threw the referee half-way across the ring. NWO-Hollywood members tried to interfere, but The Four Horsemen took care of them. More came out, including The Giant. A returning Randy Savage came down, along with a beautiful young woman. Diamond Dallas Page also came down. He was wearing an NWO-Hollwyood T-Shirt, and exchanged NWO signs with The Giant. Out of no where, Savage low-blowed The Giant, and clotheslined him out of the ring. Flair then strapped Bischoff in the Figure-Four Leglock, to take the victory and to take over WCW for 90 days. Konnan, DDP, Booker T., Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone, The Four horsemen, and more came down to help out to celebrate Flair's victory.