Wrestler's Finishing Moves Page

WCW Wrestlers

Bill Goldberg Spear to Jack Hammer
Bookter T Harlem Hangover
British Bulldog Running Power Slam
Chavo Guerrero Tornado DDT
Chris Adams Superkick
Chris Jericho Lion Tamer
Disco Inferno PileDriver
Diamond Dallas Page Diamond Cutter
Eddie Guerrero Frog Splash
Ernest Miller Feliner
Fit Finley Tombstone
Glacier Cronic Kick
Hacksaw Jim Duggan Old Glory?
Hugh Morrus No Laughing Matter
Juventud Guerrera 450 Splash & Juviedriver
Kanyon Flatliner
Kidman Seven Year Itch
Marty Jannety Showstopper
Meng Tongan Death Grip
Prince Iaukea Northern Lights Suplex
Psychosis Gullitine Legdrop
Raven Evenflow DDT
Ray Traylor Traylor Trash
Rey Mysterio Hurracurana
Rick Steiner Bulldog from the top
Rowdy Piper Sleeper
Saturn Death Valley Driver & Rings of Saturn
Sickboy The Cure
Ultimo Dragon Dragon Sleeper
Warrior Warrior Splash & Warrior Press
Wrath Meltdown
Yugi Nagata Nagata Lock

NWO Wolfpack (Red & Black)

Kevin Nash Jacknife Powerbomb
Macho Man Flying Elbow Drop
Konnan Tequila Sunrise
Lex Luger Torture Rack
Sting Scorpion Death Lock

NWO Hollywood "Black & White"

Hollywood Hogan Leg Drop
Giant Chokeslam
Scott Hall Outsiders Edge
Scott Steiner Steiner Recliner
Buff Bagwell Buff Blockbuster
Stevie Ray Slap Jack
Bret "Hitman" Hart ShaprShooter
Bryan Adams Tilta Whirl Slam
Curt Henning Henning Plex
Scott Norton Shoulder Breaker
Disciple Apocalypse

IV Horseman

Ric Flair Figure Four Leg Lock
Chris Benoit Crippler Cross Face
Dean Malenko Texas Clover Leaf
Steve McMicheal Tombstone
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