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Nash is the Champ, Nash is the Champ!!! He defeated Goldberg at Starrcade!!!
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Adaman's Wolfpac News & Rumors Section!!!

Last Updated: 12/29/98

My WCW Nitro Report

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Wolfpac News

Kevin "Big Sexy" (Not that I would know) Nash, dethroned Bill Goldberg at Starrcade. But he didn't do it alone. Disco tried helping him, that didn't help at all. Then Bam Bam came in and did a little somthin somthin, then Scott Hall came in as a security guard and zapped Goldberg with a cattle prod tazer thing. But this coming Nitro (1/4), Nash will face Goldberg again, 1 on 1. On to Konnan, he lost the TV Title Belt to Scott Steiner, new leader of the nWo Black and White at Nitro. That really sucks. I hope he gets it back later. On to Scott Hall, what's goin on, are you gonna join or not?!? I think that would definitaly be a boost for WCW to reunite the Outsiders. They fought on Nitro a couple of weeks ago against Scott Steiner and Horace Hogan, and whopped some ass!!! If the "officially" reunited, that would kick soooo much ass!!! WCW could maybe then actually give the Tag Belts a push, but I think Nash and Hall have some issues that are still unsettled. Well, that's about it for now, read my Nitro report and the rumors for other news.

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The Jonny Fairplay Show
This RealAudio Wrestling Report is Great!!! It's LONG too!!! They go over EVERYTHING!!!

My Opinion (If anyone really cares!)

Hey Yo!!! It's survey time!!! Who is gettin tired of WCW??? Well, I know I am!!! I mean, c'mon, can anybody actually finish a fight anymore without it gettin broken up by either nWo or LWO or whomever!!! Seriously, this is pissin me off!!! I think if WCW let the fights end, then the angles could be a helluva lot better. And another thing, Why is WCW not pushin any of their young talents!!! Their pushing people that are gonna die in like 10 years!!! Like Ric Flair and Hogan. Don't get me wrong, I love Flair, but their depending on a guy who is like 60 years old to give them ratings by rambling on the mic!!! C'mon, has the thought ever come through their mind that maybe, just maybe, they could boost rating by hmmm...WRESTLING?!? Good lord, and WCW has SOOOOOO much talent, why don't they give more guys a push, like Scott Norton. I know he is in nWo Hollywood, but this guy is HUGE. They put him up against guys that are three times smaller than he is, and he macks them in like 5 sec. I think they should give him a push for the World Title. I mean, this guy is like bigger than Goldberg, that would be a great match. But what I just talked about proves that WCW doesn't know what they are doin anymore. They don't have good fights till like 30 min. before it ends. WWF's fights are all increadible and all have their stars in them and they have about half of the number of wreslters as WCW does! I'm just sayin that if I was in charge of booking for WCW, I would make all the challenges and mic stuff in the first hour, cause their first hour is unrivaled, then in the 2nd and 3rd hour, have some great wrestling. I'd put at least one superstar from the WCW in every fight agaisnt somebody that you have actually heard of. That would also cut down on spending for WCW too. They wouldn't need all of those no-name guys just sitin in the locker room, jerkin off, and gettin paid for it. That is my opinion. If you want you can tell me yours by e-mailing me at Don't get me wrong or nothin, I still love the Wolfpac, they kick major ass!!!, I'm just gettin tired of WCW in general, that's all.

My Wolfpac Rumors

--Nash is set to beat Goldberg at Starrcade. It's about freakin time he loses, and hopefully WCW will make a good decision by letting Nash win.

--When Scott Hall reunites with Nash, Hall is supposedly gonna make Nash turn heel and they will form some kind of heel nWo, perhaps this is why Lex is maybe gonna turn heel?!?

--WCW is pushing Lex Luger to turn heel. (Why...I don't have a clue!!! He's never been heel in his life, I bet you he wouldn't know how to act heel and mess it all up!!!)

--Ok, some rumors are sayin Sting will not be back until February, some are sayin he could be back in as little as 2 weeks, if anyone knows the truth, let me know.

--If Sting comes back in 2 weeks, he is supposed to fight Bret Hart at Starrcade. If he doesn't come back then, I guess DDP will fight Bret Hart again.

--Macho Man is supposed to come back in February and assume another identity or somthin, in other words, he's not gonna be comin back in the Wolfpac either, he also is gonna maybe come back with some really hot supermodel girl or somthin like that.

--Rick Steiner is rumored to be going to the Wolfpac cause he is real good friends with Lugar and Sting and plus the fact that his brother is in nWo Hollywood. (I hope this happens soon! I though that Rick was gonna choose Luger for his partner, but he chose Kenny Kaos instead for some reason.>

--Rey Mysterio Jr. will not be joining the Wolfpac any time soon contrary to many rumors.

--And rumor has it that as soon as Goldberg loses the belt, he will join the Wolfpac. (I really do kinda doubt that one though, especially if he loses the belt to Nash. I just thought that I pass it on to y'all!)

--Kevin Nash wants Booker T to join the Wolfpac because Stevie Ray joined nWo Hollywood. (I think that would be pretty cool, I like Booker T and I think he has a Wolfpac personality!)

--After Scott Hall has a turns face he will be re-joining the Wolfpac.

--DDP/Wolfpac fued has already begun. WCW wants to keep DDP, due to his sudden burst of popularity. Lex Luger may leave the wolfpac to help out DDP. (I don't believe the last part, he wouldn't just leave Sting & the rest of the guys for DDP)

--Sting may have a feud w/DDP when he comes back.

--Sting's old look storyline has supposedly been cut off for a later date, so that may mean he's leaving the wolfpac.

--Macho Man's crazy ass is supposedly going to betray the wolfpac, and jump back on the black and white express, whoop luger's ass, which will lead to a sting/warrior team up. Sting will be dark one again, and it will be wolfpac vs. WCW and Sting will be caught in the middle. (I believe some of this, like the part where Macho Man leaves but I don't think it will happen for a while and Sting will not leave the wolfpac this early either)

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