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Adaman's WWF Wrestler's Finishers Page

WWF Guys

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Stone Cold Stunner
Undertaker Chokeslam & Tombstone
Kane Chokeslam & Tombstone
Ken Shamrock Ankle-Lock Submission
Shawn Micheals Sweet Chin Music
Mankind Mandible Claw
Cactus Jack Double Arm DDT
Dude Love Sweet Chin Music
Val Venis Money Shot
Goldust Curtain Call
Dustin Runnels Bulldog
Gangrel Super DDT
Edge Downward Spiral
Ultimate Warrior Warrior Splash & Warrior Press
Al Snow Snow Plow
Faarooq Dominator
Terry Bradshaw Closeline from Hell
Vader Vader Bomb
Dan Severn All kinds of Submissions
D.O.A. Double Side Slam
"Double J" Jeff Jarrett Figure Four Leg Lock
Southern Justice Slobber Knocker
L.O.D. Doomsday Device
Mark Mero TKO
Steve Blackman Double Armbar Submission
Brian Christopher Tennessee Jam
Chainz Death Valley Driver
Darren Drosdov Pinning Powerslam
Golga Powerslam
Terry Funk DDT
Mosh Mosh Pit
Thrasher Stage Dive
Kama Mustafa Sideslam
Kaieinai Senton Bomb
Kurrgan Paralyzer
Midnight Express Rocket Launcher
Scott Taylor Top Rope DDT
Taka Michinoku Michinoku Driver
Sable Sable Bomb
Luna Luna Eclipse

Degeneration-X Guys

Triple H The Pedigree
"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn Piledriver
"The Road Dog" Jesse James Pumphandle Slam
X-Pac DX Drop

N.O.D. (The Nation) Guys

"The Rock" Rocky Maivia Rockbottom & People's Elbow
Mark Henry Bearhug
D-Lo Sky High & Lo Down
Owen Hart Sharpshooter
Godfather Pimp Drop
Amhed Pearl River Plunge

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